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Free Extra Head For Yumi 3ft 3in 100cm Love Doll !
450 USD Value DISCOUNT -- END Sep 30th -- 1 extra head FREE for a Yumi or any 3ft 3in (100cm) love doll purchased ...[Read More]
Male Doll Available !

Discover our our new male sex doll featuring a penis of 7.7 inches (17cm). Fully articulated with realistic smooth skin. Free & Discreet shipping worldwide.

Katty Love Doll Video

See Katty product page or all dolls with the same height …[Read More]

Ashley Sex Doll Video

See Ashley product page or all dolls with the same body …[Read More]

Vanessa Sex Doll Video

See Vanessa product page or all dolls with the same body …[Read More]

Yumi Sex Doll Videos

See Yumi product page or all dolls with the same body …[Read More]

Yumi Mini Doll Unboxing Video
A customer sent us this video he took when he opened the box of Yumi. You can feel the excitement throughout the video ! We are so happy when we receive videos like this ...[Read More]
The History Of Sex Dolls
At all times, one of the greatest challenge of sailors was the lack of sex during their very long journey. That is why it is quite known that once sailors arrive at a seaport after a long trip, they are usually very sexually frustrated and some of them rush to the nearest brothels to release themselves ...[Read More]
How To Explore & Buy Our Sex Dolls?
So you are looking to buy a sex doll? Great! Here is a guide which will help you find the doll of your dreams, show you how to customize her to fit your specific preferences and purchase it. We offer more than 30 realistic dolls, with height ranging from 2ft 1.6in (65cm) to 5ft 5in (165cm). Prices range from 790 USD to 2690 USD ...[Read More]
sex doll factory
Our visit to the WM Dolls factory
This was it. The day we had been waiting for. We were finally going to visit the WM Dolls factory! They are the biggest doll manufacturer in all of China, operating from within a four story building in Songshan, with over 150 employees. ...[Read More]
Silicone vs TPE Sex Dolls
One of the hardest decisions to make when choosing a sex doll, is the material in which you want your doll. The silicone sex doll technology has been refined over many years. Let's see how to make a good decision ...[Read More]
New Server – We are back online!

New Server, faster than ever …[Read More]

How To Choose The Height & Weight Of A Sex Doll?
When choosing a doll, one of the things you will have to take in consideration is the height. With the height, weight also follows. Usually, the taller your doll is, the heavier she will be. No matter which height you choose, there will be both pros and cons. ...[Read More]