Silicone Love Doll

Silicone Love Doll

Our silicone love doll are almost perfect replicas of women. There features are very realistic, and that is why some people even dubbed these dolls with the term realdolls. Thanks to their metal skeleton they can be fully articulated, and keep the position you put them in. Their silicone skin is extremely realistic and feels amazing. None of the materials we use are toxic. We have Asian as well as Caucasian doll, some look very young, other less young.

All our love dolls have a vagina and anal hole, and some of them can do oral sex. Sexual holes have been carefully designed to offer a very pleasurable experience during sex.

If you need a custom sex doll, we can help. Our dolls generally comes with a basis body, and many options are available on top of it. For example, you can choose the color of style and hair style, insert or builtin vagina, bigger or smaller boobs and whether or not they have pubic hair. Thanks to all our options, we really provide our customer with a way to get a 100% custom love doll.

For each of these dolls bough, we provide a sexy clothing (underwear + pants/skirt/tights/gown/tailor + socks and more). We also have sexy outfits ready for use (Japanese school girl uniform, office suit, nurse , flight attendant, etc …)

If you have any question regarding our silicone doll, feel free to contact us for special requests. We can get any clothing and/or accessories you are looking for.

It is time to unleash all your sexual fantasies!